Juyongguan Pass of Juyongguan Pass Great Wall

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The Juyongguan Pass, it is the famous Gu Guancheng on along the line of Beijing north Great Wall, national level cultural relic protects an unit.

Close the gorge that the city is in, belong to too travel Yu Maijun country, landform very strategic place. Be in early times of age the Warring States, swallow country is about to clutch accuse this, say when " Ju Yong fills in " . Han Chaoshi, juyongguan Pass city already implemented scale quite. When the Northern and Southern Dynasties, building shutting a city is together repeatedly with the Great Wall again. After this all previous the Tang Dynasty, distant, gold, yuan several face, reside those who need gorge concerns a city to set.

Existent shut a city, only then build at Ming Hongwu the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor (the Christian era 1368) , fasten Chang Yuchun of imperatorial Xu Da, assistant general to plan to found, at the beginning of Ming Jingtai year (1450-1454 of the Christian era year) reach treat via copy repeatedly again ever since. Dong Dacui citying wall screen ridge, sail on the west peak of golden ark hill, circumference more than meters 4000, city of month of north and south reachs all ready of establishment of form a complete set such as a tower over a city gate, enemy building. Inside and outside shutting a city still has Ya arrange, temple, Confucianism learn to wait for all sorts of relevant building facilities.

After clear minor details, the Juyongguan Pass closes city building to build gradually bedraggled, of Dan Xiongwei close city and numerous history vestigial, understood culture of military affairs of Chinese ancient time to open wide a window for people however. Prosperous made the same score agency of special zone of prefectural the Ming Tombs to be protective cultural relic 1992, to shutting a city the building had comprehensive repair, emersion in former days heroic posture.

Shut a city around natural sight is very magnificent beautiful, it is early between golden Ming Changnian (1190-1195 of the Christian era year) " Ju Yong is folded emerald green " the name already included namely " Yan Shan 8 scene " . 1982, the Juyongguan Pass with its important humanitarian with natural landscape value, delimit scenery of the Ming Tombs scenic spot groove guard, become among them main tourist attraction.

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Tickets And Time

Busy season grows up 45 yuan / person, student 25 yuan / person; Off-season adult 40 yuan / person, student 22.5 yuan / person. How To Get There

City iron 13 Xian Longze stations get off change prosperous makes the same score an area urban and rural regular bus arrives directly at scene area 20 times;
De Sheng door takes 919 (Yan Qingfang to) Juyongguan Pass station gets off can.
Drive oneself: Walk along Juyongguan Pass of the 8 freeways that amount to mountain 15 exit can.

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