Kangxi prairie

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Be located in Beijing to delay countryside of the Kang Zhuang that celebrate a county on the west the bank of reservoir of office of side, official, it is the natural prairie landscape with Beijing only churchyard. The prairie follows lake bank north and south long and narrow, current is winding, green grass is like mattress. Boreal outskirt is go angling area, northwest ministry is bonfire area, have all right south run camel field, turf, again south for yurt area, tent area. The mobile project here is very rich: Tourist is OK Cemayang flogs, experience nomadic bold and generous passion; Can row ripple in color of Yu Huguang hill; Can go angling, still can play in order to enter the water; Summertime night is the good chance that holds bonfire evening party. Tickets And Time

20 yuanHow To Get There

Cong Desheng can be amounted to by bus of 919 branch line outside the door, or after wrapping line train to get off in Kang Zhuang by Beijing from Xizhimen, transfer.

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