Lake hole water

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Pluck freely in June every year persimmon of mulberry, walnut, lid. Introduction

Lake hole water is located in the county inside area under administration of yellow loose valley, be apart from 21 kilometers of county. In the big gorge that makes an appointment with 10 kilometers in, gross area 9 million square metre, among them surface area 6000 square metre. Mountain peak of lake hole water is barpque, gorge hidden danger, mountain forest is dense, shui Xiudong is strange. In full bloom of here spring pediment, white bird caw cries; The summer is faint green water, all over landscape shade; Again and again of autumn hill fruit, the wood is golden; Winter is silver-coated, glacier horizontal stroke lies.

Recommend a tourist attraction:

3 women hole: 3 women hole is located in over cliff of 100 a unit of length, say according to local common people, when Qin Shi emperor builds the impregnable bulwark, take over for use is very much penal servitude, because penal servitude suffering can'ts bear character, among them the Chen Da of Chen Tai Wu hides to live in seclusion hill is here medium, year long do not return, its wife belt daughter-in-law of a daughter, one height searchs to here, say to also be blamed, woman 3 cry in this hill, he answers in that hill however, woman 3 cry in that hill, he answers in this hill however, woman 3 flounder hilltop, search endlessly, call ceaseless, day after day is here one's remaining days, friend name " 3 women hole " .

Echo hole: With 3 women hole the echo hole of echo each other at a distance is located in in the valley of lofty or bottomless with topping cliff, enjoyably is echo hole itself is not met echo, if you stand in other of the call in 3 women hole, hear can clearly in echo hole however.

General hole: Period of War of Resistance Against Japan, place of sanitation of the Eight Route Army finds a place for here, do not know how to many the sick and wounded is here cure injury treats a disease, the body recovers, return battlefield. One day Japanese devil is informed this affection to mop up, a company commander of bright lamp making a surname is raised here, disregarded affection and Japanese devil to undertake life-and-death fights, brave finally sacrifice, to yearn for him, name these 3 holes for " general hole " .

Day of a gleam of: Between two gorge border the narrowest place have 12 meters only, cereal bottom has one pool water, there is a fish to hope headroom day opens a gleam of in water, friend name day of a gleam of.

Yan Chiya: After the Beginning of Summer passes, the igneous swallow of gang returns, get on next turning over to fly, xiaocheng of large on cliff of this swallow wing volume pecks slimy incubate on the 1000 cliff holes of on 10 thousand, raise Yo daughter, again often Huang Ying preys in Na Conglin dally, crow, that is a scene of prosperity really.

Tickets And Time

15 yuanHow To Get There

Address: Countryside of valley of Huang Song of smooth cereal division
Traffic: 918 travel special can arrive directly at scene area, or car of urban and rural scenery turns after arriving directly at city of smooth cereal division by 918 buses.

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