Lark garden

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Lark garden is current Beijing is exclusive avian view and admire protective center, always cover an area of an area to make an appointment with 100 mus. There is net of one Zhang Ju bird in garden, centre height 40 meters, edge web is 18 meters expensive, enclothe an area to amount to 22 thousand square metre, put in a suitable place to breed in all at present inside the net more than 2500 nearly 100 many breed, bird, and step up. There are a lot of sorts to belong to our country in lark garden one, animal of 2 kinds of protection, be like golden pheasant of brown horse chicken, red -crowned crane, green peacock, red abdomen, have more not far ostrich of 10 thousand lis of black swan that come to Beijing, Australia.

Tourist is in the lark garden of imitate environment, can admire to the top of one's bent multicolored rare and avian, the twitter with euphonic listen respectfully, can experience the fun that feeds a bird with one's own hands more, person bird is the same as happy, beautiful interesting day is become. In reinforced concrete casting metropolitan in, of lark garden thick shade, the good place that cool breeze, twitter provided hubbub of a cleanse for people.

Tickets And Time

20 yuan

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