Li Dazhao former residence

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Li Dazhao former residence is 3 add up to a courtyard, among them north is a bedroom between landlord, dining room is among, on the west read for children place, on the west wing-room is sitting room of study peace conference 3.

Li Dazhao one's early years goes day studies abroad. After going back to the motherland 1916, in June Beijing of change one's dwelling house, on April 28, 1927 die a martyr. Live 10 years in Beijing, in all change one's dwelling house 5 place. 1920 only then after hiring Xidan emperor's son-in-law curtilage 35, till 1923 spring, also be the one place with living the longest time, it is alley of Wen Hua of new culture street now 24, there is tree of 3 Chinese flowering crabapples inside the courtyard.

Tickets And Time

10 yuan
Open time: Zhou San to weekday at 9 o'clock - at 16 o'clockHow To Get There

Address: On the west alley of Wen Hua of street of new culture of the city zone 24
Traffic: By 7, 626, 38, 477 Luxiwen influences a market buccal station falls on the west.

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