Lian spring noisy cereal

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Beauty spot of nature of Lian spring noisy cereal is apart from 70 kilometers of Beijing, yan Qing is connected on the west 8 Da Ling, south with lake of dwell of divine hall valley, wild goose, east border with photograph of pool of god of Qing Longxia, glen, communication is very easy. Scene area with cereal find a view, build with hill situation, get an interest with water, with life affection. Flying have diarrhoea of cereal midstream water, chute falls from the day, chan of Chan of spring of the four seasons, echo is incessant, noisy cereal of spring of friend name Lian.

Lian spring noisy cereal is gorge of green water of collect green hill, perilous peak, Ling Quanfei waterfall, close Lin Youdong, strange hill blames stone the natural beauty spot at one ground, all the year round air temperature is lower than the urban district 5 ℃ of 3 ~ . There are 5000 meters of meanderings inside scene area, field of horse of hill of head of hole of visible heavenly palace, cat, 3 Tan Erbao, gods, chelonian of glacier, birthday will load in May, primitive and fountainhead of wild goose dwell, secondary forest, the much place landscape such as weather station. Hill loop turns here, have step by step scene, see everywhere scene. Scene area back depends on black Tuo hill. Altitude of the highest peak in a mountain range of black Tuo mountain 1895 meters, face the look into the distance from a high place austral the top, but panorama of general view Beijing.

Hall of bath of ministry of siheyun, yurt, cabin, dining-room, commodity, spring, song is set to wait for service facilities inside scene area, tourist but scenery of nature of grass of Chun Shangshan wild flower, Xia Guan, autumn see look of Man Shangong leaf, winter natural ice waterfall, still but go angling red trout, wild drink, barbecue or hold bonfire evening party.

Tickets And Time

20 yuanHow To Get There

Straight door is taken east 916 to conciliatory county the station falls, change goes the bus of direction of root of bridge of Qi peak tea rings to Lian spring cereal.

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