Lie Fosan

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Lie Fosan scenery travel goes vacationing area, mountain peak is bristly, arduous extraordinary, and Great Wall stretch in an unbroken chain, danger of crouch of be stranded of following one by one of enemy broadcasting station, seize, change not is measured. Travel wedding day is spring, autumn two season.

Bright hill is deep and remote inside travel area hillock, accumulate Ling Juxiu, spring crystals clear, brook Mi Mi, carved stone is unripe brightness, by superb. Have ancient way of that impregnable pass more, fort of old city involuntary discharge of urine, balefire the smoke of wolves' dung burnt at border posts in ancient China to signal alarm, the red frame house below foot of august bright generation Great Wall and Great Wall mutual echo, be in nearly very close.

Tickets And Time

20 yuanHow To Get There

Straight door arrives by 916 east conciliatory line car goes to the sand that change a bosom side leaves island of annulus of Mu Tian valley on the west.

· of cate · accommodation shops

The rainbow mountain villa below the foot of a hill, build have novel the frame house of type of Ou Shi villa that exceeds common, guest room is set inside mountain villa 17. Have bed at present 80, a small-sized auditoria, rustic public house and with modulation fresh red trout is characteristic " persimmon Lin Ju " village. Can offer tourist bed and board, attend a meeting, bath of recreation, go angling, mineral spring a variety of enjoying.

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