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By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Live base of travel of insular new idea was initiated in order to create, motion, aesthetic the mode of new idea travel that is a tenet, build meticulously piece brand-new the new scope of operation of connotation.

Live the project inside the island has: Area of area of the technology division that make, agronomic science and technology, army body battalion, integrated entertainment division and accessary establishment. The technology division that make includes Tao Yi, catch knit, carpentry, sculpture, lacquer, metalworking, papermaking, model; Area of agronomic science and technology includes to cultivate, breed, treatment of genetic, specimen, popular science, brew, food; Area of army body battalion includes self-defence method, capture, judo, tumble, fire, iron man-a person of exceptional physical and moral strength 3, picnic of martial training, bivouac; Integrated entertainment division includes sports of the athletics on water, gout, drive groom, Pan Yan; Accessary establishment has student boarding house (3 kinds of standards) , domestic apartment (4 home) , club (astral class guesthouse) , dining-room (snack, prandial) .

In live the wisdom that insular tourists can start him, show oneself ingenuity, success and failure are experienced in the practice that body and mind throws.

Tickets And Time

80 yuanHow To Get There

Address: Conciliatory area red snail east road 6
Announce fierce door, east 40 are multiplied swim 6 are headed for.

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