Longhua Temple of dragon China temple

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Dragon China temple is Shanghai area history the longest, the ancient check with the biggest dimensions, be apart from already had 1700 old histories today, temple name originates the literary quotation that Bodhisattva of the Maitreya on sutra becomes Buddha below Long Huashu. Introduction

The Dian Yu of nowadays dragon Hua Si belongs to Qing Dynasty to be treated together for the most part, the building between Guang Xunian, carried the form that La Qitang makes Song Daiga, ordinal mix for room of Maitreya hall, day king hall, big Xiong Baodian, 3 Temple of God, abbot Tibetan classics building.
Belfry of side of day king hall is 3 tall, hang the Qing Longtong handleless cup that has Qing Guangxu 20 years to cast, make an appointment with 2 meters high, the diameter amounts to 1.3 meters, weigh 5 tons more than, "Dragon China curfew " also be in former days " on Shanghai 8 scene " one of. Tibet is collecting the big Tibet classics of all sorts of version via upstairs, buddhist classics book reachs all sorts of precious cultural relic, include temple of the Long Hua that be called among them " town temple 3 treasure " bright the imperial order between 10 thousand past years grants big Tibet classics 718 case; That Buddha of block of Lu of adjoin of Bao Lian of Fan Jinqian leaf one honour; Drive grants golden Yin Yimei.
Greet new Nian Longhua annually to bump into bell activity, annual the dragon Hua Miao of 3 will meet the traditional Chinese calendar in March, up to now already more than 300 years of histories, already became the travel red-letter day that Shanghai secures to celebrate an activity.
Address: Xu collects Ou Longhua means 2853.
Phone: 021-64566085
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The section celebrates:
Temple fair: Fabulous the traditional Chinese calendar at the beginning of March 3 it is a Maitreya the Nie 槃 day of reincarnate hop-pocket bonze, dragon China temple regards a Maitreya as Taoist or Buddhish rites, (The traditional Chinese calendar) March 3 hold grand commemorative law to meet. Long Hua is annual this moment burning incense is the most exuberant, attracted a lot of peoples and small small retailer, formed lively temple fair. Tickets And Time

7: 00 - 16: 30
10 yuan (sweet period except) . How To Get There

Public transportation 41, 44, 809, 734, 933, 864, 73, 87, 104, 166, orbit 3 lines (the) below station of district of dragon water transport.

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Room or building of dragon China element is very well-known, everyday the dining room is medium midday dragon of great platoon leader.

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