Lu Gou Bridge of Lu channel bridge

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Lu channel bridge is located in Beijing southwest 15 kilometers place, because of river of channel of Lu of over or across -- namely today's always decide a river and get a name, it is Beijing existent the most ancient stone inscription builds couplet arch bridge. Introduction

Lu channel bridge only then built 1189, ever repaired again 1444. Because this bridge destroys at the flood Yu Kangxi 37 years (1698) rebuild. Lu channel bridge is full-length 266.5 meters, 7.5 meters wide, leave minute of 11 contain hole. Bridge body controls two curbstone carve to protect column each hopeful column 140, on post all vulture lies the size stone lion of volt is controlled about 500 times, bearing each different, lifelike. The bridge establishs Qianlong having Qing Dynasty to inscribe inside the tablet booth east " month of Lu channel dawn " white marble tablet, the Beijing that it is swallow one of 8 scene. Italian traveler horse but · pineapple ever was in travel notes record and narrate this bridge praises greatly.

Lu channel bridge east for Wan Ping county, ming Chongzhen 11 years (1638) build. On July 7, 1937 night, japanese army of the stage that be stationed in abundant has war game inside defence area of defending troops of China of bank of Lu channel bridge. After maneuver ends, japanese army excuse is missing a soldier, unjustifiable requirement enters the Wan Ping city that Chinese army defends to ransack, suffer the rejection of Chinese defending troops. The Japanese army is satisfied to be located in the bridge the Wan Ping city east and Lu channel bridge launch attack, attempt bridge of rapacious Lu channel. This is " emergency of Lu channel bridge " or say " 7 emergency of 7 · " . Chinese defending troops 29 officer arms, in the Japanese army overbearing and unjustifiable provoke and below attack, be driven beyond forbearance, rise beat back, start shooting the Chinese nation is comprehensive the first gun of aggressor of beat back Japan.

"Emergency of Lu channel bridge " indicating China is complete of ethical War of Resistance Against Japan begin. From now on, chinese people unites, below the united front of the nation that fight day that advocates in the Chinese Communist, no sooner has one fallen than another steps into the breach, struggle gallantly, defeated Japanese aggressor eventually. In the meantime, the War of Resistance Against Japan also makes Chinese battlefield becomes the world to turn over one of fascist war important battlefield, turned over the victory of fascist war to make outstanding contribution for the world.

Up to now, of Lu channel bridge look at column and city wall of Wan Ping city, in those days the bullet of shell hole of the Japanese army still full of stains or spots and visible. Lu channel ancient bridge allows only the pedestrian is passed on foot, protect cultural relic for countrywide key. Current, garden of sculpture of souvenir of War of Resistance Against Japan of people of city of Lu channel bridge, Wan Ping, China and memorial hall of Chinese people War of Resistance Against Japan, the patriotism that has become the throughout the country's at present biggest souvenir War of Resistance Against Japan teachs base.

Tickets And Time

20 yuanHow To Get There

Address: The street inside city of bridge of channel of Lu of area of Beijing abundant stage 101
Public transportation 309, station of bridge of 339 Lu channel falls

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