Lunar lake

By admin - Posted on 19 January 2009


2000 fall, shanghai's biggest artificial lake -- lake of month of a surname hill, if a several peaks are faced " lens " of makeup face " landscape painting " be shown in people before. Area of lunar lake water area 456 mus, by emerald green east encircle of hill of She Shan, Xue Shan, phoenix, face a lake to be expected to see She Shan alone alarm and crouch, lake water is clear, microwave light overflow, in the boreal end of lunar lake, the Na Duan of appearance short for the Jinghe River, many meters 800 senior emerald green bank extends water in. Slope of annulus lake earth is gently, wide forest wood, flowers, the ornament is mixed with booth stage rockery little bridge; It is to Shandong of lunar Hubei side, phoenix, monarch was built " Jing Xinshi fast " , " Chun Shuiqing pool " , " Xingping thes most enjoyable or pleasant stage " , " She Shan afterglow " wait for 10 scene. 3 annulus hill opens wide lunar lake, plan fountain of music of sun square lamplight, and division of build commerce, culture, sports, entertainment. Before long in the future, lunar lake will form hill, water, forest harmonious, the actor beautiful scenery of an organic whole of be in harmony of person, scene, content is watched.

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