Often abandon former residence

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Often abandon the compound that former residence is a peaceful beauty, in often abandoning a gentleman to spend life here finally 16 years, wrote down the complete work after founding a state. Modern drama " Fang Zhenzhu " , " dragon needs channel " , " cafes " , " Chang'an looks on the west " and unfinished autobiographical body novel " below the red flag " waiting for 24 composing is finished here.

The Beijing that former residence small courtyard is a model 2 take 3 styles adding up to a courtyard, the gate sits Xichaodong. What into 2 one sees rarely is multicoloured young timber screen wall, affix on screen wall of Spring Festival around " look up see happy event " with convert " blessing " word, have the taste that spend the New Year particularly. The principal rooms in the courtyard (boreal room) 3, bright and on the west second for the sitting room, east second it is to often abandon the madam's bedroom to hold atelier concurrently. Penthouse is to often abandon the bedroom that he chooses to hold a study concurrently on the west, he says this is complete courtyard the quietest place. Actually, whole former residence is " in be troubled by, take static " place.

In the showroom Li of former residence, can see " 4 worlds are the same as hall " in all sorts of domestic and international version, 1936 " camel auspicious child " handwritten draft, still can see Beijing people government 1950 issue what often abandon a gentleman " people artist " certificate of merit.

Tickets And Time

Entrance ticket is free, speech guides see 10 yuan, cash pledge 100 yuan.
Zhou Yi closes a shop.

How To Get There

Address: East the street abounds mouth of city of lamp of the city zone on the west alley 19
Traffic: 103, 104, 108, 111, city of 803 street lamp buccal station gets off on the west crossroad to westing; The subway station of mouth of city of 5 lines lamp gets off ave of mouth of edge lamp city makes an appointment with 800 meters to westing.
Drive oneself: Ave of well of king government office to turn into lamp city mouth on the west on the west street or south river edge ave turns into lamp city mouth eastwards on the west street.

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