Old Beijing is small shrink Jing Yuan

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This tourist attraction is labelled at present place of illegal religion activity, city tourism bureau executes the law the group is coordinating deploy with public security mechanism, preparation gives ban. Introduction

Old Beijing is small shrink Jing Yuan is located in Beijing outskirt prosperous to make the same score the mouth austral the area to press down, be apart from the urban district 38 kilometre,

Small shrink Jing Yuan covers an area of a face to accumulate nearly 70 hectare, among them " old Beijing panoramic garden " cover an area of 40 hectare, "Street of capital amorous feelings " cover an area of nearly 14 hectare, in all 136 landscape. Jing Yuan visits an area with 1:1The person that the scale of 5 is contemporary urbanism built a siheyun again, bona fide emersion the city inside old Beijing, outside city, Forbidden City is all the life scene of city wall, city gate, moat, lake, sea, bridge, temple, hut, temple, view, altar, cathedral, Wang Fu, pailou, market, alley, cafes and old Peking Man; Scene street with 1:1scale is built, highlight Beijing flavour, reflect folkway and folk-custom distinguishing feature; Shop of 35 old names mixes ancient capital of assemble of amorous feelings street large siheyun, form large ancient structure group, here collect recreational, meal, recreation, shop, accommodation is a suit, beijing gust is fastfood make person satisfy a craving, satisfy a craving for delicious food again.

8 performances area is set inside garden, perform quyi, opera, wushu, acrobatics for tourist, outstanding Beijing flavour, reflect folkway folk-custom distinguishing feature. " Yong Zheng dynasty " , " return Zhugege " waiting for drama of a lot of movie and TV is to film here.

Tickets And Time

45 yuan
8:00 ~ 17:00How To Get There

De Sheng door arrives directly by 919, make the same score change to prosperous by 345 357, 376 also can arrive directly. Drive to arrive directly from the on equestrian pasture bridge 8 freeways that amount to mountain.

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