On the west garden of a surname hill

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On the west altitude of a surname hill 97 meters, the tourist attraction inside garden has: Catholic pilgrim ground, " road of classics to fold " tower of the person that the 14 place that go up suffer from road resembling, excellent way, acute hearing a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest and Hu Shuting. Observatory of famous a surname hill and seismic stage also are located in on the west She Shan. Introduction

Audience hall of goddess of a surname hill, it is as eponymous as audience hall of goddess of French collect heart All Souls'Day cathedral, also call far east goddess audience hall. This at 1871 by French missionary only then build. 1935 completion. Its collect a variety of structure styles at an organic whole, use do not have bridge without steel without the hammer without wood 4 without the structure, can weighs the example of asymmetry. From 20 centuries 40 time rise to be world-famous Catholic bethel namely, also be home Catholic the mainest pilgrim ground.

In half way up the mountain of a surname hill is in on the west, one towers aloft, this is Catholic central scroll. Be in early 1844, salary of the case austral law book missionary arrives namely here survey landform, preparation builds house. After this is ceaseless extend religion establishment. Present that Zhongshan cathedral, built 1894, icon of consecrate of stage of hold a memorial ceremony for is set inside hall, can hold 500 more than person. There is the circular square that can hold 1000 people before central scroll, by column considerable all around scenery. Square on the west side hillside, have open clearing one party, build have the booth of Jesus emperor heart, goddess booth, booth that be like a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument, close say " 3 emperor well balanced " .

Tower of the beautiful person that, be located in on the west slope of a surname Shandong, build at Song Taiping to allow a country year, tower 8, 7 class, more than meters 20 tall, for tower of type of bricky timberwork pavilion, fokelore has Nazarite " beautiful " , live in seclusion here, after tower building, ignite to be burned oneself, friend calls the beautiful person that the tower.

Observatory of a surname hill, build at Qing Guangxu 25 years (the Christian era 1899) , be established for French missionary, it is the observatory on our country's earliest present-day meaning, also be one of research centers of our country astronomy. Its astronomy binoculars is our country's earliest, it gathered a large number of valuable astronomy data for our country. Be in in recent years hall of All Souls'Day of a surname hill on the west head built an astronomy to watch a station again, how does interior amount to 164 centimeters optical astronomy binoculars of the diameter, taichun still has two laser binoculars, radio telescope, diameter the advanced instrument equipment such as 156 centimeters optical refractor. Recently, observatory of a surname hill adds new landscape again----Sundial of two new-style high accuracy and an armillary sphere. Two sundial are made with stainless steel and white marble respectively, can determine according to the hatching of the sun diurnal time and Ember Days of Chun Xiaqiu winter are angry; It is home's current and newest sundial. Since founding a state, observatory of a surname hill runs the scientific research positive result that reachs orbiter to decided the respect such as course to obtain 27 states level in celestial body, it is the unit that our country uses new technology to attend couplet of international earth rotation to measure.

Shake of a surname country is fiducial stage, those who be located in Zhu Shu to set off one another a surname Shandong thes foot of a hill or mountain on the west the earthquake of a surname hill of the edge is fiducial stage, predecessor is Shanghai observatory, already had hundred years history. Shake of a surname country is fiducial bureau of earthquake of stage dependency home a kind of stage, deserve to have all sorts of advanced observation instruments and technical talented person, to provide the seismic data of high quality and data domestic and internationally, ever had attended international earth couplet to measure for many times. Here, people still can see a lot of little-known earthquake data, if astonish shake of earth of hill of our country the Tang Dynasty and Japanese earth shake, still be like " animal and earthquake " wait for kinescope data. Tickets And Time

40 yuan (include) of observatory, cathedral, cableway.

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