On the west postern bright Beijing city wall is vestigial

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Build Yu Mingzheng interconnected system 4 years (1439) , here relics is inside the southwest corner of the city cities wall. Because of year long disrepair, gradually bend collapses, "Culture Revolution " in city brick greater part is demolished, take more than meters 100 long sign only. 1987 bureau of city cultural relic and government of the city zone allocates funds on the west 1.5 million yuan, the violate the rules and regulations that tear open change is built and temporarily resident, repair city wall, retain 7 office section is vestigial, and repair old building, transform surroundings and undertake afforest beautification, landscape of the another place in the made boreal capital that makes culture of modern culture, ancient time blend. Tickets And Time

FreeHow To Get There

Crossover takes 917 branch line (direction of Han Cun river) to Li river village the station gets off.

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