Outside beach city sculpture group

By admin - Posted on 19 January 2009


Urban beauty is due 3 component: Building, sculpture and afforest. And urban sculpture is called again " urban eye " , it is the substantial of beautification city. Outside beach city sculpture group by " Pu Jiangzhi is smooth " , " sail " , " wind " sculpture of 3 stainless steel, in a covered corridor or walk of green of the beach outside be located in Jin Lingdong road, below sunshine Yi Yi is born brightness. "Pu Jiangzhi is smooth " model is new, with vertical stroke to Shui Bo and drip figure combination, if note hops on staff, with relaxed and lively air, achieve is worn the composition of river of yellow riverside of river of vocal Shanghai mother. "Sail " wall of the sail on river of expressional yellow riverside is bristly, fleet is sailing to the whole nation; The join of sail and sail, of much curve float move, increased stereo move feeling. "Wind " with acute angle and obtuse angle, arc and broken line, drape wave motion behaves interest of reform driving force of revolution to blow, spectacular.

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