Park of black bamboo courtyard

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Park of courtyard of Beijing black bamboo is located in outside Beijing Xizhimen, come to black bamboo courtyard, come to the kingdom of bamboo. There is chair of desk of bamboo building, Zhu Ting, bamboo, bamboo in the park, use even greatly little bridge bamboo to dress up. Bridge of grand bamboo of harships of Dong stockaded village, can make tourist experiences Guizhou the Dong nationality to take shelter from rain on the bridge personally the appeal of have a rest; Bridge is boat of a big bamboo on, zhu Pengzhu window.

Sundry bamboo builds the bamboo culture elegant demeanour that shows the Chinese nation, bamboo sprinkler is being taken clang clang underwater acoustic turning slowly, maintain the bamboo punt-pole that move ceaselessly to make bamboo balsa is on lake face lay off a water mark, take bamboo sedan, shake diabolo, blow bamboo slip to let a person play happily to one's heart's content, the rhythm that one swarm person is adding up to Miao Zu a reed-pipe wind instrument is elated dance of ground start bamboo pole, the song and dance of the Bai nationality of the Yunnan on the arena that puts up with bamboo in lawn, Dai nationality also was attracted large quantities of tourist.

Assemble of the poll on a market of bamboo city that lake bank builds with bamboo is moved, people drinks tea here, sample bamboo board, buy all sorts of bamboo to make commodity, handicraft, more the significant position in letting a person feel Zhu Zaisheng is vivid.

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By 114, 300, 323, 334, 374, 374, 811, 814, 817 Lu Zizhu courtyards get off, 334, 347, 360, 360 spur track the mouth austral 3 tigers bridge or road of white Shi Qiao gets off, 320, 904 Beijing library gets off south row.

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