Park of forest of boreal palace country

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Park of forest of boreal palace country is located in ministry of northwest of abundant stage area a mountainous area, be apart from Beijing center 20 kilometers, it is upland model natural beauty spot. Boreal palace gets a name because of imperial resting ground. Park gross area 9.145 square kilometer, by the eastpart part, western and mid establishment of two groups of form a complete set comprises Cheng Lou of area of 3 great respect and boreal palace mountain villa, tea. There is 12 to be in the humanitarian landscape such as booth, corridor, cabinet, tower inside garden, and fragrant Ze Xi, small Changjiang Delta, maple the 15 place tourist attraction such as channel of Lin Lu, birch forest.

Travel of park market modes of life and relation to their environment, sightseeing the function such as recreation of scene of view of picked, go angling, rest is an organic whole, show " spring have flower, Xia Youyin, Qiu Youguo, winter green " gardens beautiful scenery. Annual autumn, another large red autumnal leaves views and admire the Beijing after the park already made afterwards sweet hill, 8 large part area.

Tickets And Time

5 yuanHow To Get There

310, 385, 937 wait for many public transportation circuitry to all can arrive.
Drive oneself Beijing stone high speed exports island of Du Jiakan annulus to pass direction of factory of big ash of long laborious inn to Du Jiakan; Take lotus stone route, below water collect advocate westing of road edge side road.

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