Park of forest of half wall inn

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


The park is located in go in for sth in a large scale place of the 10 kilometers austral prefectural Huang Cun, be apart from the urban district 35 kilometers, cover an area of 180 hectare, with rural mood scene celebrated. Faint scent of the wood inside garden, air is fresh. Park of forest of half wall inn with artificial Lin Weiji this characteristic, 3000 mus of forests are lush and green. Forest dense, air is fresh, tablet Shi Weiwen, in establishing Yu Yuan, alley is peaceful, cool happy person, the environment is easy, intoxicate heart is lienal.

The An Zhiyang inside garden tree, pagoda tree, pine, become a Cheng Lin, be in a few places, still plant tree of tree of mulberry, willow, Chinese juniper cypress, cedar, apple, the fruit of large Chinese hawthorn, pear tree waits, existing tree is planted 20 many. Be in forest the way that paves with bricky stone, Shi Qiao, walk for tourist and car.

Set in forest of half wall inn chase garden of field, cypress, forest is labyrinthian, happy the bar of Lin Ye eat, forest, field that raise a deer and tea booth, buffet, build stool of the stone desk that many rest for tourist, stone. Hunting shooting is raised have the sika, roe deer, pheasant, prey such as bunny. Arrive especially the summer, the cool breeze inside garden is cool, shade of a tree is thick luxuriant, a winding path leading to a secluded spot.

Tickets And Time

6 yuanHow To Get There

Come by 336 cars wooden Xi garden, turn to be able to be amounted to by the long-distance car to Shi Fosi again.

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