Park of forest of small dragon door

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Park of forest of small dragon door is located in clear water of area of door head channel to press down Xiaolong door village, be apart from Beijing area 120 kilometers, its predecessor is forestry centre of small dragon door.

The park is belonged to small 5 mountain branch range, lie in a big gorge, annulus of all sides hill is held in the arms, slant southeast is narrow channel mouth, average height above sea level 1300 meters, top height above sea level 2000 meters. Page of Xie Lin of 10 thousand mus of needles, broad Xie Lin, of all kinds color cultivates the know exactly about sth inside garden kind and the wild flower with free not famous hill, among them the Beijing beautiful Chinese catalpa, 100 Chinese catalpa that spend a flower are Beijing and plant of west hill division especially gutty; Pine of fallen leaves of Dong Ling fir, China north is China north especially gutty.

There is an animal inside the park more than kinds 700, it is the heaven of wild animal. There is no lack of among them one class protects the country chicken of horse of animal gold carve, brown; Black sheep of animal of 2 class protection and Beijing protect the country animal ocelot.

Tickets And Time

15 yuanHow To Get There

Station of malic garden iron takes Shuang Tangjian of bus of 929 branch line to stand, before taking a taxi next, go to;
Drive oneself: From mound stone direction enters area of door head channel on the west, along 109 nations line straight travel can arrive.

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