Park of forest of vulture peak country

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Office of fair field of forest of vulture peak country is ancient say " too of travel head " west hill mountain range is mid, be apart from ZhongGuanCun high-tech field 2 kilometers, it is one of the closest from the capital national forest parks. Here Yuan Mingxiu peak, because of tall the male vulture of 405 be similar in shape of the highest peak in a mountain range of rice, peak of local name vulture. One of 72 battalion camp with acting distant are here, temple of debt having pass the time in a leisurely way and avalokitesvara hut are built after. 30 time, the geology of farming mine ministry at that time built station of the first latter-day earthquake of our country here.

The park differentiates for area of 3 great respect: The area of vulture peak center that watchs scene and historic site of numerous cultural relic and more complete travel to serve establishment to be a foundation with ancient course, strange stone, uprise; With the Gu Xiangdao, stockaded village that fine snow will be compose scene main body in March area of valley cereal big pool; The division of summit of ground of trailing plants Ba that forms with distinctive high mountain immense forest and meadow landscape.

The traditional culture activity that conducts every year:
1. Go for a walk in the country in spring admires the beauty of flowers swim vulture peak
Hold time: On March 15 - on April 23

2. Celebrate lunar series activity field
Hold time: On April 24 - on May 23

The exhibition that holds all the year round, exhibit old project:
Ascend chiliad activity of peak of Gu Daoyou vulture

Tickets And Time

Off-season 10 yuan; Busy season 15 yuan. How To Get There

Address: North of town of Home Su Tuo brings Haidian district river village on the west
Traffic: By 346 buses north installs a river the mouth gets off on the west arrive namely

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