Park of jade deep pool

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Park of jade deep pool basically spends the area of garden, scene of lake of pilot a ship into a harbour in, Zhongshan island south, the east by the cherry west take the composition such as Chun Yuan. Water broad hill grows here, advantaged environment and latter-day less large-scale construction history, accomplished the Yanghuai on hill weeping willow of bank of bristly, water the nature of exuberance of aquatic of supple, lakefront is wild interesting style.

The park is annual spring can be held " oriental cherry admires the beauty of flowers meeting " , famed global, oriental cherry cultivates snow of crimson of the cloud that cultivate red in spring, admire the beauty of flowers stream is moved like Chun Shuichong of happy and harmonious, make the scene with capital peculiar early spring.

Tickets And Time

2 yuan. Hold the entrance ticket between exhibition period of oriental cherry culture 10 yuan, student 5 yuan. How To Get There

Address: Beijing Haidian area revives by museum of region military affairs
Multiply 114, 320, 717, 727 Lu Yuyuan pools stand

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