Scale dragon hill

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Scale dragon hill is located in conciliatory county chrysanthemum urban and rural, southwest and prosperous make the same score have a common boundary, northwest and Yanqing are conterminous. The scale dragon hill of lofty is group of Shan Zhiguan, grand chrysanthemum city Great Wall is winding its go up, landforms can weighs Hua Beizhi all round most, shan Dian is towering aloft granite stone forest, it is the good place of the activity that climb rock.

Famous tourist attraction has " scale dragon stone carving " , " door of Han Que stone " , " general peak " , " amount to rub stone " wait for Shi Jing, "Lion head waterfall " , " culmination pool " scene waiting for water. Among them " lion head waterfall " fall 66 meters, day ladder above still have " hill ghost " cliff picture. Inside scene area not only snipe of the general peak that is born one day, god 9 child each configuration such as peak of peak, divine Ma Shi, camel, lifelike, and each put mythological fokelore, listen come interest is full. Even if a mind which perceives both past and future the customer that tells a god, how to the Creator to its figuration, big also be puzzled is unintelligible.

Tickets And Time

15 yuan, student 8 yuan. How To Get There

Straight door reachs chrysanthemum city by 961 east transfer again
Drive oneself: Can go how to establish highway from Ya Yun Cun, hill of course little boiling water, battalion hill, 9 cross city of river, chrysanthemum to arrive all the time beauty spot of scale dragon hill.

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