Shuang Longxia

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


In the green hill emerald green cereal that Shuang Longxia is located in hall of fast of area of door head channel to press down the 2.5 kilometers austral igneous village. Its are main the tourist attraction has: Immense forest of garden of 1000 mus of chute of 10 lis of brook, 100 pools, apricot, 10 thousand bend, green hill is emerald green cereal, a haven of peace, Cangshan is like the sea, high of high mountain of the Kingdom of Wei of ridges and peaks is beautiful,

The water inside scene area is resourceful, the cataract that has 29 meters of above two, 10 meters of the following cascade are close 100. Here, the virgin forest mountain-climbing that can experience alarmingly dangerous is exciting not only is expeditionary, still can take distinctive silvan trainset travel between Yu Shan, enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave making a person.

How To Get There

Address: Hall of fast of area of door head channel presses down igneous village
Drive oneself: Mound from 5 annulus after Shi Lu all the way westing, toward travel of way of Beijing orchid way. Straight travel of the right-hand rotation after carrying ceremony channel too can see demonstrative shop sign after 4 kilometers, cross Oriental red channel, guide appears by the side of 5 kilometers bridge all right continuously, continue to go continuously railway station of wing of wild goose of 5 kilometers course, the left-hand rotation after straight travel arrives at checkpoint of Qin valley mouth reachs scene area all right continuously.

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