Silicon transforms park of wooden country geology

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Silicon changes park of wooden country geology to be located in Yan Qing county white river two sides, be apart from the urban district to make an appointment with 100 kilometers. Inside the park embedded have 5 scene area (hydrology of geology of gorge of area of area of popular science of small Kunlun geology, geological park center, Wulong visits area, Yan Shan day pool lies fallow go vacationing area, , it is the whole nation exclusive the country that with typical, rare, precious silicon Hua Muqun gives priority to body is geological park.

In the central area of geological park, already dug disinter petrified wood 57 an ancient unit of weight, in the sanded shale of sea facies deposit that its distributing to go up in hillside of white river two sides. These petrified wood are the important basis of evolution of ancient geography of period of history of geology of Mesozoic Era of area of research China north, ancient climate.

Silicon changes wooden formation:
Silicon changes wood to say again " Shi Shu " , it is medium Jurassic terminal child, 140 million years ago, here climate is warm, lofty arbor is exuberant, because volcano erupts to rupture suddenly with layer, the plant is buried at underground, below the environment of the high temperature that lie between oxygen, through endless petrifaction, in lumber organic be pledged by the silicon in groundwater mine place is replaced character, carry through layer again motion of litre of carapace of and other places, roll out these petrified wood the ground, formed silicon to change wood then. Shenyang draw together is in scientist of Northen Song Dynasty " dream brook conversation by writing " in have " the Yao that is apart from Bohai Sea a thousand li, stone of loose melt into " account.

Tickets And Time

75 yuanHow To Get There

Address: 1000 inn town leaves Yan Qing county village of heart dragon bay
Traffic: De Sheng door reachs Yan Qing county to get off by 919 buses, turn to change Xiaogong of direction of park of wooden country geology to arrive namely in all by silicon again.

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