Silver fox hole

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Silver fox hole is apart from 70 kilometers of Beijing, it is a large cave group, get a name because of discovering the crystal of large white calcite of fox of infrequent be similar in shape.

Hole of silver fox hole is more than 5000 meters long, nearly 3000 meters when already developed now. Among them advocate hole, raise crisscross of freely of hole, water hole, drought hole. Silver fox hole has two big characteristics: It is grape of flower of infrequent stone chrysanthemum, brilliant, Shi Zhenzhu, stone is seen wait for landscape everywhere in the hole, make a person cry most absolutely the large calcite crystal that is fox of nearly two meters long, be similar in shape, bestrew the pinprick of wool cloth with soft nap that white get rid of appears all over, discover first for world cave.

2 it is to be in silver fox hole is the most rock-bottom, the 106 subterranean rivers of thorough underground of rice. River water is clear see an end, appraisal of classics state level is high grade and natural mineral water, because shed classics magnet bed to become natural magnetization water, have apparent antiphlogistic and antiseptic function.

Silver fox hole all the year round temperature maintains in 14 ~ 16 ℃ are controlled, when summer goes, wanting to grow sleeve. Mount of path of 530 meters of holes inside the hole have rail small electric car, do not need to buy a ticket to be able to be taken additionally.

Tickets And Time

40 yuan (steamer ticket 15 yuan, entrance ticket 25 yuan)How To Get There

Take 917 buses branch line to arrive directly at silver fox hole by crossover; Perhaps take 917 to arrive Fang Shan, in change cling to to silver fox hole; Also can take the subway to get off to malic garden change arrives 948 times by Beijing station Buddha child village crossing gets off, left travel 1 kilometer arrives namely.
Drive oneself: By Beijing stone high speed Fang Shan is exported, via Yan Cun - Yan Dong road - in Tuo - Beijing former road - silver fox hole.

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