Stage of thill of a small room

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Be located in northeast of smooth cereal city 7.5 kilometers, on Yu Zishan. There is big grave on Yu Zishan, be handed down through generations is Huang Diling of thill of a small room, common calls Xuan Yuan the stage, its north depends on group of peaks, be opposite south Pan Yue, adjacent the Western Han Dynasty makes the same score cereal reason city on the west, jin Haihu looks east.

According to stage of thill of a small room of bank of Shandong of historical literature account only then build at the Warring States to the Western Han Dynasty year, although still be put after many vicissitudes of life. Main hall is 3 emperor of Xi of Xuan Yuan, bend over, god farming, carry on ancient tablet engrave Chen Ziang " Xuan Yuan stage " poem, with card its are in. Annual the first month of the lunar year temple fair of the 15 thill that it is a small room, at the appointed time all directions common people gathers, take sweet sacrifice; All sorts of folk flowers are met, contend for photograph mountain-climbing to display art.

The station of thill of a small room that builds again is copy Chinese style, build on the summit. Down granite stone rank carries class and on, of first show eye is lofty Que Men, que Men two side rosefinch is volant, male lion stands proudly. Enter Que Men, be Chen Ziang of Tang poetry person follows army north first ask for " Xuan Yuan stage " poetic monument is vestigial and " thill temple writes down heavy Xiu Xuan " white marble monument, main hall weighs type of hall of Xiu Yan Wu to build for Chinese generation, the Gongzhu before corridor stands tall and upright, dougong is upright and unafraid. Hall painted sculpture yellow emperor takes Neizhengzhong picture, word of Chinese seal gold is hanged on gigantic " humanitarian first ancestor " , two side are Fu Xi, god farming, head on couplet hung on the columns of a hall of 4 silk chirography is consistent hold column in the arms over.

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