Stone forest gorge

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


The countryside of yellow loose valley that is located in division of Beijing smooth cereal, because root of root of the mountain peak inside scene area is erect, stand firm high and steep, as if be like every piece stone forest and get a name. Beijing east stone forest gorge has a thing two stone forest, far view imposing manner is grandiose, close view configuration each different, besides have arduous Wang Zi stone of aunt of cliff, glow, one Mu Qianjun, fly outside the landscape such as stone, still have a haven of peace like cool and refreshing microcosmic, it is midsummer lies fallow the absolutely good place that enjoy the cool.

In addition, gross area still built to amount to 4000 more than square metre inside scene area " hill movie outdoor bathing place " , play for tourist amuse oneself. Annual 7 - in September, the tourist can experience the fun with picked countryside to the top of one's bent.

Tickets And Time

45 yuanHow To Get There

Address: Village of nest of carve of countryside of valley of yellow pine of smooth cereal division 73
Traffic: Straight door takes 918 buses east turn to come in all by 8 Xiaogong to Ping Gu arrive namely below station of stone forest gorge.

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