Tan Zhesi Tantuo Temple

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Tan Zhesi is located in Beijing on the west the foot of a mountain of pool three-bristle cudrania of ministry of southeast of area of channel of outskirt door head, be apart from mound a 41 kilometers. Tan Zhesi sits south the Northern Dynasties, the back leans on treasure Mount Everest, there are 9 lofty mountain peaks to show annulus of horse's hoof shape to protect all round, these 9 mountain peak rise from number of the eastern side ordinal be apart from the peak of Luo of the peak, peak that boost day, violet emerald green peak, collect cloud peak, Ying, peak that wear a month, royally peak and lotus peak for Hui Longfeng, tiger, 9 megalosaurus surround and protect wears just like of 9 mountain peak the treasure Mount Everest among, ancient Buddhist templeput on the brakes builds the Tan Zhesi with baronial dimensions in the Na Lu of treasure Mount Everest.

Dimensions of temple of pool three-bristle cudrania is baronial, 2.5 hectare are covered an area of inside the temple, 11.2 hectare are covered an area of outside the temple, plus all round by Tan Zhesi place administer forest and hill field, gross area amounts to 121 hectare above. The hall follows hill situation on any account and build, strewn at random have send. The Imperial Palace in Beijing city has a house 9999 half, the clear generation that Tan Zhesi contains period in the vessel has a house 999 half, solemning is the epitome of the Imperial Palace, allegedly at the beginning of Ming Dynasty year when building Forbidden City, follow namely Tan Zhesi and build.

Emancipatory initial stage the part year long the hall of disrepair is demolished, built a few rooms to abandon, zhe Si showing a pool shares a room to abandon 943, its are mediaeval build a hall 638, the building is holding the view of period of bright Qing Dynasty, it is ancient building of Beijing suburban district's oldest one place cloister group. Tan Zhesi not only humanitarian landscape is rich, natural landscape is very beautiful also, chun Xiaqiu winter has severally scene, appeal of morning noon late night each different, take the place of early in Qing Dynasty " Tan Zheshi scene " already renown raise capital.

Tan Zheshi scene:

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35 yuanHow To Get There

Address: Tan Zhesi presses down area of channel of Beijing door head
Tian An Men travels on the west distributing center center takes car of travel special railway line; Or by subway, 921, change of 336 road, 959 Lu Zhiping orchard 931 buses, can arrive directly at Tan Zhesi.

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