Temple of bovine market week

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


The middle that temple of bovine market week builds in market of cattle of Beijing southwest the city zone east side, it is dimensions of Beijing the city zone the biggest, historical farthest a mosque.

Temple of bovine market week is built at the Christian era 996 years, the building in the temple uses the timberwork form of Chinese tradition, but its are overall the building trait that layout and detail adornment retain Mohammedan as before. Main by building of temple door, full moon, week building, Bunker booth of building, tablet reachs bath room to wait form, although the area is not big, but layout is compact, hall structure is full of change, vulture act the role ofing is colorful, compare with Buddhist temple photograph, do not have a color one time.

According to Mohammedan canon, when church of follower of a religion, want to face Mecca of western pilgrimage bethel, consequently temple door sits Dong Chaoxi, in the hall also with west for honour. Because of " the Koran " prohibit making decoration with zoomorphism, so architectural decorates grain appearance to all be Arabic word and geometrical design.

Tickets And Time

2 yuanHow To Get There

Public transportation 109, 822 Niu Jie stand.

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