The Great Bell Temple of big Zhong Si

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Original name becomes aware unripe temple, build at Qing Yongzheng 11 years (1733) , because of the collect carefully inside the temple a Ming Daiyong is happy year a cast big clock and get a name.

Big Zhong Si ever was the place of rain of pray of quiet day emperor, fane sits south the Northern Dynasties, by south past north is ordinal hall of king of drum-tower of the door that it is hill, bell, day, big Xiong Baodian, hind building of classics of hall, Tibet, big belfry and thing ala building, additionally still 6 match Wu to distributing in two side. Big belfry is the core building that distinguishing feature has alone inside the temple, it stands tall and upright in what a giant bluestone step becomes on stage radical, lower part of the circle on whole bell tower, indicative " nature round place " , bluestone stage base on build by laying bricks or stones has octagon " medicinal powder sound " pool, below its action, when tat big clock, circumference more than 100 lis all audibility is pure thick, quaint ding, what lingering sound can last 3 minutes is long.

Of the Gao Xuan inside big belfry always Le Dazhong, be always happy year, give orders to cast after Beijing of Ming Chengzu move the capital to another place, be apart from the history that already had 560 years today. In the court of big belfry the east, displaying account of 40 more than degree of lip-rounding by historical time the Gu Zhong of each different. The Song Dynasty, yuan the form of Zhong Cheng bucket of the times, if collect carefully is hiding the big clock in classics building, it is Song Xi peace year cast, be apart from already had 900 old histories today, it is big Zhong Si's oldest bell. Bright Zhong Kou begins first gradually outside piece, submit horn form, report goes out to go up in our country Guzhong phylogeny, the people understanding to acoustics, mechanical principle process.

There is ancient bell museum inside the temple, it is the throughout the country is at present only in order to collect, the museum of special subject sex that exhibition, research, development uses Gu Zhongwen of Guzhong and ancient bell data, transmission to change knowledge to be a tenet. The collect carefully inside the house each model of all kinds Gu Zhong counts 100, data of collect ancient bell thousands of, hold all sorts of ancient bells to exhibit all the year round, begin what each concerned Gu Zhongwen changes to seek advice, research and communication activity.

Now whenever New Year, Spring Festival or heavy Daqing are in charge of inside hour, house always Le Dazhong should resound.

Always Le Dazhong
So-called " Zhong Wang " , it is the person above average in world Zhong Lin, also be the motherland the gem of bright culture. Big Zhong Tong is 6.75 meters tall, diameter 3.3 meters, bell lip is thick 18.5 centimeters, weigh 46.5 tons. Bell inside and outside in all cuss of classics of casting Chinese article 16 kinds, sanskrit abracadabra 100 a variety of, in all 230 thousand much word. Font carefully and nearly, powerful of of primitive simplicity, even ground distributings in bell body everywhere, according to legend is out bright the hand that calligrapher Shenyang spends first. Big clock has apparent musical effect, ding can pass 449 kilometers, what lingering sound can delay 3 minutes is long. The frame of suspension big clock, it is to use bulky beam to be made, 8 its advocate inside capital ministry inclined, in order to increase stability. Advocate 3 beam on column, transfer force ably advocate on column, dispersed pressure. Because the construction is reasonable, all previous via 200 years do not tilt.

Tickets And Time

10 yuan, every week before 200 3 tourists dismiss entrance ticket. How To Get There

123, 361, 367, 422, 425, 626, 730, special the 8 cars such as the road can be amounted to.

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