The Old City God's Temple of old town god's temple

By admin - Posted on 19 January 2009


"Do not go to Shanghai town god's temple, be equal to had not gone to big Shanghai. " the position that sees old town god's temple be in Shanghai and influence. Town god is the protective god of the city in Taoism, ming Yongle of according to legend year (at the beginning of 15 centuries) the golden hill fane that Shanghai knows prefectural Zhang Shouyao to get on Fang Bang road (ancestral temple of travel of renown Huo Guang) rebuilt the town god's temple that we see today. Rebuilt 1926, the hall is tall 4.8 a unit of length, deep 6.33 a unit of length, reinforced concrete structure, and colour rafter is drawn, emerald green made of baked clay Zhu Yan, dimensions soars. After war of resistance against aggression, for with new town god's temple (former address is in the road connects Jin Ling on the west cloud crossing) photograph distinction, friend says old town god's temple.
Shop of sports of art of old town god's temple, there are cockfighting performance, acrobatics performance and thunder calligraphy to wait inside " China a special skill " folk-custom is artistic.
Go by the way: Outside pleasedding garden area divides Taoism old town god's temple, the large area of mosque of the agalloch eaglewood cabinet that still has buddhism, Mohammedan garden of little a peach-shaped thing, Taoism closes temple of the Supreme Being and Catholic Resetang.
Address: District of city of city of yellow riverside area 1

Tickets And Time

8:30 - 16:30
10 yuanHow To Get There

Public transportation 11, 42, 64, 66, 126, 926 can arrive.

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