Tiger valley

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Beauty spot of tiger valley nature is apart from Beijing 40 kilometers, be located in prosperous to make the same score county northwest 12 kilometers place, area 90 square kilometer, highest peak 1060 meters. The Shui Xiugu inside the area is deep and remote, hole respect is deep, the four seasons is delightful, have ancient Yan Jing one of 8 scene " Hu Yuhui gold " landscape.

Tiger valley is belonged to too travel hill more than arteries and veins, element with " divine mountain 1000 peaks " celebrated. Altitude 850 meters, tiger valley channel grows 12.5 kilometers, rows of mountains of ridges and peaks, shui Xiugu is deep and remote, mutual tourist attraction 36 place. Scene area 3 annulus hill, southeast direction starts to talk, formed advantaged microclimate. Stone of the hill inside scene area is abrupt and arduous, strange peak cave is densely covered; Channel cereal is labyrinthian and winding, strange stone forest stands, among them the water spring channel, Bai Longtan, Hei Longtan, tired Long Tan, pool that reflect a month excellent and clinking; Configuration the pictographic stone of each different, time the day imprints, the column that prop up a day, growl visitting a day, lifelike.

Tickets And Time

15 yuanHow To Get There

The 8 high speed that amount to mountain cross prosperous be setting to go, arrive namely north.

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