Two Attractions of Chengdu in my memory

By admin - Posted on 29 March 2008

When I was young, I visited some attractions in Chengdu. The following attractions are always in my memory.
One is Dujiangyan(都江堰), one of Chinese earliest irrigation systems. Begun over 2,200 years ago by Li Bing and his son, the system irrigates the area around the Minjiang River and has been continually expanded. It's still in use today, though with modern equipment instead of stones and bamboo.
The second is Fulong Temple(伏龙寺), which is the best place to see the system. It was built in honor of Li Bing and his son. The Guanlan Bridge is the highest point in the temple complex and overlooks the river. In the buildings are artifacts related to Li Bing and in the main hall is 3mtall, 4.5-ton statue of him that thrown into the river as a sacrifice.

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