Upper part hill and cloud water hole

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Upper part hill is apart from 70 kilometers of Beijing, with Shan Ji, Lin Mi, hole deep and remote, temple is ancient be famous in a capital. The park covers an area of many mus 5300, the flower spreads all over Zhenmuji, only officinal plant has more than 100 kinds; Jujube of sealwort, abduct, Chinese toon is upper part hill 3 old special local product, call " 3 treasure " ; There still is the Gu Mu such as the Song Bai of chiliad on hill. Upper part hill is religious name hill, the center that each temple huts leads a temple for bag, ascend the scaling ladder that by 262 class bluff stone rank comprises to just can arrive.

There are 9 big burrows inside hill, hole of the famousest the water that it is the cloud, embed at mouth of a cave " cloud water hole " 3 words, the Piao Chuxian that it is Zhao lays a problem. There is mountain peak in the hole 12, "The column of culmination " it is among them highest peak, also say " the Tuo that pick a bit " ; "The Yu Zhu that prop up a day " it is 37 meters tall Shi Sun. Other and main tourist attraction still has pipeful spring, Wang Haian, Cang Jingge to wait.

Tickets And Time

40 yuanHow To Get There

Crossover arrives by 917 Fang Shan, turn the car that takes upper part hill.

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