Violet Yun Shan

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Beauty spot of nature of violet cloud hill is apart from conciliatory the city zone 20 kilometers, full-length 5 kilometers, cover an area of more than mus 2000, because have the cloud,after rain, rain rainbow mirrors gorge purple and get a name. Strange peak stand upright rises inside scene area, strange stone is bony, flowers and plants is exuberant, butterfly flyer cries. The cavalier of guard emerald green cereal is dedicating silently oneself faithfulness; Lofty props up Tian Juzhu forcefully to as if the Wei that recounting the history holds the post of; The aid on strange stone fair, chiliad is the downhill tiger with the penguin husband and wife that stay together, threatening imposing manner, white the lotus Tuo that is like jade, those who swing popular feeling soul fly stone, notting have is not lifelike, lifelike. The uncanny workmanship of nature brought up violet Yunshan to be like a poem the picturesque, magical elfland that is like Yun Rumeng. Tickets And Time

15 yuanHow To Get There

Straight door is multiplied east 936 or Xuan Wu door is multiplied swim 17 arrive directly; Or arrive by 916 conciliatory station, in change cling to head for.

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