Wenshu Monastery

By admin - Posted on 29 March 2008

The young manage to hold incense sticks in one hand and their mobile phone in the other while older generation burn ghostdom paper money hoping it'll reach deceased ancestors and touch iron figures of animals for good luck. During holiday, worshippers struggle through throngs of people to offer their incense. So much is being burned that monks frequently pull out fire hoses to extinguish the flames.
The Wenshu Monastery, situated north of the central square on Renmin Zhong Lu, was founded all the way back in the Tang dynasty but the building here today were built in 1691. It's the main temple for the province's Chang Buddhist sect. The most stunning features of the temple are the White Jade Buddha(白玉佛) and the Thousand Buddha Pagoda(千塔佛). Aside from beautiful carvings, there are peaceful green areas around the temple grounds and many locals take a nap under a tree or perform their daily exercises in the quiet shade. You might see seniors hugging trees and rubbing their backs against them to improve blood circulation.

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