West Lake Of Hangzhou

By admin - Posted on 24 March 2008

West Lake of Hangzhou is original from a lagoon. It was dredged in the 8th century and later diked. Sidestepping the cacationing masses and trinket hawkers, there's plenty to do at this 3km by 3km lotus lined lake. Mist shrouds the jade-hued water as the sunrises and set while sentinel trees line the surrounding boulevards and it likes a pillow cradling a liquid gem. Graceful gardens lull as one meanders through paths to welcoming temples.
It is said to be the incarnation of Xi Shi, one of the Four most beautiful women of ancient China. Hence, since ancient times, West Lake was associated with countless poets, profound philosophers, national heroes and heroines.
Two willow-lined stone walkways and a long arched causeway traverse the lake. You can also hire travel boats to the lake's two islands, Yingzhou and Gu Shan (Solitary Hill Island).

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