Wu Xingsi

By admin - Posted on 19 January 2009


Repose in fine town of the ridge outside deciding an area, only then build at watch of day of bridge of the Southern Dynasties 10 years (511 years of) . When be being built first, cover an area of more than mus 10, cent thing two courtyards, the courtyard esteems blessing east, on the west Yuan Yongde. There is the building such as cabinet of big Xiong Baodian, big Bei, Wen Changge in the middle of more than 100 (folk circulates have 5408 say) . Inside the temple all the year round burning incense is incessant. Introduction

After liberating, wu Xingsi ever made theater, agriculture machinery stand, "Culture Revolution " in cabinet of big Xiong Baodian, big Bei be demolished entirely. Raised money 1994 capital is repaired many yuan 100 built door of Wu Xingsi hill and day king temple, open to the outside world formally in May 1995.
Of Wu Xingsi rebuild not only for broad buddhism believer added religious activity location, also increased one place to visit famous historical site for broad sightseeing tourist.

Tickets And Time

2 yuanHow To Get There

Address: Shanghai appropriate highway 5428
Traffic: Travel 6 lines (A line)

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