Xu Beihong memorial hall

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


The holding of Xu Beihong memorial hall is tasted, all be national curiosa. Office of a 7 exhibition halls, order showed posthumous work of Xu Beihong's Great Master more than 1000, various collect taste more than 1000, still have on 10 thousand of all kinds data.

Placing happy event, anger, sad, happy emotive all sorts of courser graphs; Incentive the people of the whole country strives for war of resistance against aggression to win " the Foolish Old Man removed the mountains " ; Eulogize Chinese people is martial and castiron " Tian Heng 500 person " ... can experience perfect art to enjoy not only here, the moral quality that still can realize Great Master height to unite and picture are tasted.

Tickets And Time

Free, zhou Yi closes a shop. How To Get There

Address: On the west street of Beijing University of opening of new market of the city zone 53
Traffic: By 22, 38, 47, 626, 726, 409, 810, station of mouth of cereal of break of opening of 826 new markets gets off, the travel austral seeper pool bridge 200 meters, the road arrives namely on the west; Or get off to seeper pool station by the subway arrive namely.

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