Young lake park

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Park of Beijing youth lake is located in Beijing east the city zone is stable a Wai Street road on the west, a large water hole is so over there, excavate became a lake 1958, piled Shan Xiulu 1960, build booth bridging, just form one place to cover an area of 169800 square metre gradually, surface accumulates 63800 square metre, arboreous the contemporary park of 16 thousand individual plant.

There is the natural beautiful scenery of plant community already inside garden, again flowers carve matchs art of plant formative gardens, the horticultural style that developed young him lake. It is Beijing first " loess not open air " the park that amount to mark.

The scene area that the park visits an area to garden of pond of island of bright garden, newspaper spring, carry on one's shoulder, Sheng Laxuan, appropriate waits for different characteristic, entertainment establishment is novel and diversiform, machine of cycle racing, dodgems, corsair, air battle waits, still have equipment of field of free children pleasure ground, ball catch, fitness, the recreational activities on the water of rich and colorful increased infinite interest for park summer, lake face yacht, go angling makes a person carefree contented, fun is boundless, the outdoor ballroom that the colored lantern below curtain of night, acoustics surrounds, it is the people that busied one day to eliminate exhaustion.

Tickets And Time

1 yuan, monthly ticket 3 yuan, swim 15 yuan. How To Get There

Be located in Beijing east the city zone is stable a Wai Street road on the west, road of the axis in north east. 104, 108, station of 18 ground altar gets off.

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