Yuan big capital relics

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Big capital Yu Zhiyuan 4 years (the Christian era 1267) formal break ground of the first month of the lunar year, arrive to yuan 13 years (the Christian era 1276) basic and finishing, last a period of time 9 years. Big capital covers an area of 60 lis, have city gate 11, whole town land is built. Mostly east, the wall is in the position on the west namely now inside of 2 annulus road, outside the heart that boreal city is now, a gleam of of park of city of the earth outside installing, the line is in south today Chang'an Street slightly south. Come eastwards from academic road on the west dam river, already built a park.

Yuan mostly east, on the west, south 3 all have 3, only in only 2 doors. The east 3 (from north south) : Guang Xi door (today in peace east) , Chong Ren door (today east straight door) , Qi Bei door (now open door) ; South 3 (from east and on the west) : Civilized door, beautiful front door, suitable bear the door; West 3 (from north south) : Clean up door (the road austral the institute on the west first) , with justice door (today Xizhimen) , make the same score a door (mound today the door) ; Be good at heart and An Zhen are in 2.

How To Get There

21, 735, 804 wait for a car to all be passed.

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