Zhan Tianyou memorial hall

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Memorial hall of Zhan day bless is located in world-renowned travel scene area 8 Da Ling, cover an area of 9340 square metre, floor area 2858 square metre. Build 1987. Build tonal elegance, depend on hill and build, reflected the beauty of modern building.

The blueprint that basically be collected inside the house and shows the book that Zhan Tianyou has used, scale and he is editorial the many and precious history picture such as instrument of book, mapping. Exhibition content makes the same score time to give priority to with Zhan Tian Yousheng, the pioneer that introduced group of our country recent technology mainly, crackajack patriotic engineer Zhan Tianyou devotes the brilliant outstanding achievement of the railroad project enterprise, win honour for that it is a country.

Here not only the lifetime that can understand Zhan Tianyou glory, the general situation that still can understand our country inchoate railroad to build from a flank, technology reachs his to accomplish.

Tickets And Time

Entrance ticket: 20 yuan
Open time: Everyday 8: 30 - 16: 30How To Get There

Address: County of Beijing Yan Qing the 8 special zones that amount to mountain
Traffic: By 919 to 8 Da Ling gets off arrive namely.
Drive oneself: Fall by 18 exit along the 8 freeways that amount to mountain, arrive namely to area of the 8 scene that amount to mountain.

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