Zhejiang Provincial Museum

By admin - Posted on 27 March 2008

Zhejiang Provincial Museum is on the Baidi Causeway and features natural sight and regional history. Some of the more intersting exhibits include small figurine which were thrown into the lake to placate the lake spirits. The Qing emperor Qianlong once lived in parts of this museum. when vacationing in Hangzhou. Leaving the Baidi Causeway onto Beishan Lu, there's a spendid walkway to the top of Baoshi Shan whrer you can marvel at a 19th century tower that seems oddly Victorian. The paths further snakes through rock carvings and dark chambers. Hearty trekkers can climb over weathered boulders for a view of the lake, which is best at dawn when the mist hangs like pipe smoke over the lake.

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